Animated discussions, book signings, drama and music… The Hindu Lit for Life 2014 had all this and more. The air was abuzz with words and ideas in both Chennai and Delhi as well known authors like Dr. Abraham Verghese, Naomi Wolf, Jim Crace, Samantha Shannon, Ira Trivedi, Rana Dasgupta, Sam Miller, Ashwin Sanghi, Shovon Choudhary, Amandeep Sandhu and Manu Joseph took to the stage to discussamong other things — the growth of new urban spaces and the need for conservation, feminism, environment, theatre, the craft of writing, politics and elections, filmmaking etc.

In Chennai, the festival culminated with Anees Salim winning The Hindu Prize for Fiction 2013 for his novel Vanity Bagh. In Delhi, author and stand-up comic Anuvab Pal had the audience laughing at our foibles with a comic monologue satirising everything ridiculous yet endearing about Indians.

The Hindu Lit for Life was held in Chennai on January 11, 12 & 13 and in Delhi on February 8.


  • Here’s the shortlist
    The six shortlisted authors for The Hindu Prize, 2014. Read what our panel of judges has to say about the books….

  • A walk through India’s rich heritage
    It was an interesting blend of historical narrative and knowledge on contemporary conservation work for all those who assembled at…

  • Notions of the nation
    The disparate sessions at The Hindu’s Lit for Life in Delhi were held together by words, ideas and memories. In a word … The phrase best illustrated the world of meaning and possibilities embedded in that unit of language: the word. The tagline for The Hindu’s Lit for Life 2014 “Beyond Words” only multiplied the potential. If — at the end of the Delhi leg of the festival, which took place at Siri Fort auditorium last week— we laughed at our foibles as Anuvab Pal delivered a comic monologue satirising everything ridiculous yet endearing about Indians, we also relived the shaming memories of the anti-Sikh pogrom of 1984 and had our attention drawn to the power of myth that can both shackle and free us.

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