Children’s Fest

TH LFL Child fest logo In an attempt to constantly evolve and add under its umbrella a slew of interesting features, The Hindu Lit for Life introduced The Hindu Lit for Life Children’s Fest in 2017. To engage with children in the age group of 5 to 12 and to inculcate in them a love for the fascinating world of books, the Children’s Fest is an addition to the existing readership that The Hindu’s premier newspaper for children, Young World, already enjoys.

Designed interestingly to appeal to children, the The Hindu Lit for Life Children’s Fest is curated with a nuanced understanding of its specific target group. The Fest primarily engages with children in the format of workshops, wherein authors of children’s books and other experts who work with children, allow them to interact, enjoy and enrich themselves through a series of workshops that span an array of genres.

In 2017, the The Hindu Lit for Life Children’s Fest played host to workshops by ScienceUtsav, an initiative that encourages children to ask questions on the why and how of science, storytelling sessions by children’s writers, Arefa Tehsin, Andaleeb Wajid and Vikram Srifar, art sessions by noted illustrator Vinayak Varma, and theatre workshops by Chennai-based theatre company, Creashakti. The Fest concluded with the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, where children dressed up as characters from popular fiction. The children, needless to say, went home with goodies and smiles.

The The Hindu Lit for Life Children’s Fest also hosts the much sought-after The Hindu Young World-Goodbooks Awards.