Other activities

Madras Literary Society


Madras Literary Society (MLS), like last year, will promote their ‘Adopt a Book’ scheme. The scheme gives book lovers an opportunity to participate in a project to help restore old books while an acknowledgement of their contribution makes them a part of the book’s history too.  One of the oldest libraries in the country, the Madras Literary Society, established in 1817, has over 55,000 books in many languages. The MLS is also trying to get volunteers to help classify and catalogue all the books in their collection. This will help identify books which are in need of urgent restoration.


In partnership with Penguin


Wall of Dreams: The idea was to collect 100 best dreams across the country. A contest was run during September and there was a book reading of the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) by Janaki Sabesh at Starmark. From over 1500 entries, 100 were selected. These dreams will be used to to recreate a dream wall at Lit for Life event like a huge installation. In partnership with Penguin India.


Puffin-in-the-park: In an attempt to promote reading among kids, Puffin India will create an open-air library with a small casual seating area. The idea is to create a zone where kids can browse through the books (without the pressure to immediately buy). They can lounge and read their books at leisure for as long as they like. There will also be some activity sheets and colour pencils, in case they want to do some activities there. In partnership with Penguin India.


Nalanda Way’s initiative


A performance by the Nalanda Way’s Children’s Choir – The choir will perform on Sunday, January 15, 2017, at the venue for half an hour in the morning and again for 10 minutes during tea break. The Chennai Children’s Choir, is inspired by the ‘Chicago Children’s Choir’ and has children from some of the most underprivileged homes in Chennai. Over 600 kids from around 240 government and trust-run schools were auditioned and 60 were selected 60. Most of our kids only  Tamil but can now sing with perfect diction in Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Kannada and English. The choir has kids aged between 10 and 17; some are orphans; six visually challenged, and two are special kids. But all are united in their passion for music. To see their first music video go to http://bit.ly/nalandasway  



Amelio’s ‘Share a book’


Amelio, India’s premier childcare services provider, will create a “Free Book Exchange” area within a stall where children can drop a book and pick a book for free. This programme has a lot of benefits in terms of children wanting to share great books and also finding those interesting books off the shelves. For more information, please visit www.ameliochildcare.com