Crystal Healing


Crystal Healing All of us crave for peace, love, harmony, success, good health and an abundance of everything good in our lives. We work hard to achieve all this, yet often fail to see results because too often we are looking in the wrong place. Light is our source, our spiritual essence as well as our true purpose here on earth. It is what guides us. When we are filled with light, we remain in good health — physically, mentally, emotionally — and become magnets to draw abundance and joy in all forms. In this healing session, we will work with different frequencies of light to help you heal. We will also work with crystals, which are rocks and minerals from the earth, and manifested forms of light and colour and very powerful healers. You will also learn how to draw light into yourselves to help you manifest all that you desire and heal on an everyday basis.



Bindu Maira has been a New-Delhi based professional Tarot card reader, crystal healer and life coach for 15 years. An English Honours graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi, coupled with a degree in German from Pune’s Max Mueller Bhawan, she is an articulate communicator and people’s person. Bindu combines Tarot, colour and crystal healing along with hypnotherapy, sound healing and counselling to guide people. She also runs personal empowerment and karmic healing workshops and organises spiritual and empowerment retreats to help people get in touch with themselves and tap into their innate potential.

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Age Group:  
14 January, 2017
Participants Limit:  
10.00 am - 12.00 noon