How do you read a film?


How do you read a film? Do you need to be a critic to be able to decode something as simple as a story told on the big screen?
Does the average movie buff read films differently from critics? Do you read films differently if you are a storyteller yourself? Unlike books, films leave a lot less to your imagination. But does this mean you don’t need interpretation skills? Between film appreciation and criticism lies an often ignored aspect of cinema: Film reading. This two-hour workshop will attempt to change the way you read films, a storytelling medium that’s evolving with every film made every month. A form of storytelling that’s constantly reinventing and challenging the rules laid down by textbooks and convention, empowered by technology.
So how do you read these ever-changing visual narratives that are just a over 100 years old, compared to the other, older forms of traditional storytelling and myth-making? Especially, in our rapidly changing times where attention spans are dwindling and movie-watching has become a social, community-based exercise.



Sudhish Kamath has independently written, directed and produced four feature films. His debut film That Four Letter Word, was recently adapted in Gujarati as Pela Adhi Akshar (2016) by filmmaker Kunal Shah. He’s also a film critic and former journalist with 21 years of experience, including 16 years at the The Hindu. He was on jury of the International Children’s Film Festival of India (Lucknow) and on the selection jury of the International Film Festival of Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram), 2015. He conducts workshops and lectures on films and writing in colleges like IIT-Madras, Manipal University, Karnataka; and Dayanand Sagar University, Bengaluru. He is currently working on a book on Rajinikanth for HarperCollins and an untitled international collaboration with South African actor-photographer Elsa Bleda and Japanese producer-actor Allen Ai.

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Age Group:  
16 January, 2017
Participants Limit:  
10.00 am - 12.00 noon