Metaphors that move minds


Metaphors that move minds: A Master class on learning how to write metaphors inspired by ancient poems describing Madras. The devotional verses of six temples in Chennai composed between the 5th to 12th centuries are rich in metaphors that describe the villages that eventually became Madras. The metaphors evoke rich images that leave pleasant feelings and also have a political motive of behaviour change.
The master class will read the metaphors, explore why the images they evoke continue to be powerful even 1000 years after they were written and how metaphors can be created today using the same principles.



Pradeep Chakravarthy graduated from JNU and LSE. For the last 20+ years, he has worked in HR at TVS, Cognizant , Infosys and McKinsey &Co. Pradeep has always been passionate about Tamil Nadu’s history and heritage and pioneered and curated two-day tours to different districts to explore local culture, cuisine and art and architecture. He also writes for The Hindu and other newspapers on the pre-colonial history of Madras and Tamil Nadu. He explores the complex interconnections between art, architecture, economics, politics and geography in his writing and conversations.  He has authored six books and has a few more in print. He brings learnings from history into his work as a leadership development expert and coach.

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Age Group:  
15 January, 2017
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2.00 to 4.00 pm