The Five Faces of Translation


The Five Faces of Translation The question of authenticity has always cast a shadow on the work and standing of translators. Is literary translation about moving writing from one language into another in order to make readers forget that they are reading a work from another culture? Is the translator a trickster? This workshop of translated writings, (fiction, poetry and memoirs), which is open to anyone who knows two languages, is about carrying the unsaid into the target language and will include materials by people who, a generation ago, could not read, much less write, and whose voices therefore militate against traditions of literary and cultural heritage. The workshop will range between commentaries by the resource person, bilingual readings by authors and translators and written exercises by the participants.



Mini Krishnan is Consultant, Publishing (Oxford University Press)

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Age Group:  
14 January, 2017
Participants Limit:  
10.00 am - 12.00 noon