The Seeing Eye…Ways of Seeing


This workshop is about shifting your visual paradigm. It will explore different objects and ideas and open one’s mind to looking at things differently. Words, images and narratives build ideas and ideas shape a thought that, in turn, becomes a visual. The process of thinking differently and setting yourself apart will be the objective of this session.



Sharan Apparao, one of the most well-known curators and promoters of art in India, has worked with contemporary art for over three decades. Since her first presentation of art in 1983, she has made Chennai an established destination for the discerning collector. Apparao Galleries is located in Chennai, Delhi and Gurgaon. With a background education in fine arts, Sharan has previously worked at the Smithsonian and Christie’s contemporary art, besides honing her communication skills at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. More recently, she did a luxury management programme, a joint programme between IIM (A) AND ESSEC- Paris. She now conducts shows in cities across India. She has been featured in Anuradha Rajivan’s book A Business of her Own, and in The Voyage to Excellence. She is one of the recipients of the FLO Chennai Women Entrepreneur Awards.

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Age Group:  
15 January, 2017
Participants Limit:  
10.00 a.m. -12.00 noon